How to procrastinate and still get things done.

I’m a massive procrastinator, I know it’s really bad sometimes, it affects my work, relationships, I’ve let people down on so many occasions.

It’s like I have lost will power to focus on my tasks and what do you do when you’re setting your new years resolution? Go online and read blogs and search for “tools” to be more productive for the new years and it’s an irony because I’m trying to not procrastinate by procrastinating.

But i did come up with a few reasons why people tend to put off things till the last minute.

Here’s a couple I came up with:
1. I make my goals too complicated
2.Try to be an overachiever in a short period of time
3.To many petty things getting in the way of my tasks
4.Doing work at the wrong time of the day or low energy

1. Complicated Goals.

For instance, say I want to join a marathon. I will start thinking about what sort of training I need to do,diet plan, look for checklists online, read about champion runners and their autobiography. All this is my “preparation but guess what am I not doing? Running! That’s what I should be doing in the first place,as simple as that.

But it’s too boring,nothing exciting about it and I tend to complicate things and by the end of it nothing gets done.

2. Being an overachiever



I’ll stick to the marathon example for now. While I’m preparing for my first marathon, I’ll start to think about other sorts of runs, sports or workouts. What should I do after the marathon, maybe start a short distance training, strength training,yoga,
martial arts, break dancing,bla bla get my point.

3. Little things or obstacles get in the way of accomplishing your goals.

I used to go they gym regularly a couple of years back and I noticed the thing that took most of my time was not the workout. It was, packing my bags, traveling to the gym, finding a place to park, traveling back home. Gym time was only one hour, but the whole trip took me 2 hours.

Now I started going to a new place, it’s only 2 mins drive and sometimes I do pull ups and body weight training at home. No time wasted.

I started doing some things differently starting this year. How do you procrastinate and still get things done?

Most of the times I procrastinate is by watching tv..Then I thought, is there something else I could do while watching my shows.



I just started learning the guitar and there were a couple of basics I had to master. So Instead of just sitting in front of the tv passively, I had the guitar with me and I started strumming slowly. I didn’t know how long was I doing but it must’ve been at least 30 mins to an hour.

Another way I procrastinate is by reading, (some people might think it’s productive but not when you have work to do).
So I found something else to besides reading. There’s a pull up bar fixed to my room door. Every 10-20 mins of reading I did 10 pull ups, by the end of it I did 50 pull ups that day.